Architectural Improvements
So you are ready to start a project in your community with an HOA? By following these guidelines and locating the necessary materials to prepare your plan, you can help yourself to make the process efficient and simple. As in most things, preparedness is the key!

Which improvements need architectural approval?

All improvements made on the exterior of the home including but not limited to paint color change, fencing, walls, patios, pool, play equipment - including trampolines that are temporary, landscaping, additions, trash can screens, flagpoles, solar devices, flatwork, etc. require ACC approval. See community documents for specifics.

Is there an ACC application fee?

There is not an ACC review fee, however improvements and projects without ACC approval are subject to fines.

How do I know what is allowed in my community?

Read the rules and regulations pertaining to your community. These are available on your community website (without a login!). Please provide them to your contractor as well, as compliance with the rules is the responsibility of the HOA member. If you do not understand the documents after you have read them, contact your community manager for more information.

Where do I get the forms that I need to get started?

To download the application form, Click Here. You can also visit your community website, then find the Documents section. In the drop-down box to the right, select Architectural Guidelines and Application.

Where do I need to submit my application?

All applications are processed through the FirstService Residential Austin office. Only complete applications submitted with payment will be processed, please check to ensure your application meets all submission requirements in order to save time in getting your project reviewed. You can mail your application, application fee and required information to:

Bunton Creek Homeowners Association
c/o FirstService Residential Austin
Attn: Architectural Dept.
PO Box 342585
Austin, TX 78734

You can also submit your application by email. Click Here to email your application.

What do I need to submit?

  • Application Form (click here to download the form)
  • Survey with Drawn Improvements (You should have received a survey at closing. Contact your title company if you did not.)
  • Pictures of your project or your project goals
  • Samples of materials to be used (if applicable)
Incomplete applications will not be accepted. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that plan submittals are complete.

How long will it take to get a response to my plan?

The Architectural Reviewer or Committee has up to 30 days to review a plan that has been submitted and is complete at the time of submittal. Most plans can be reviewed in less time. Please do not call to check on the status of your plan. If our staff is bogged down with calls, processing of plans can take longer. Any requests for additional information needed by the ARC, as well as a final approval or denial letter, will be emailed to you as soon as the review has been completed.